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Welcome to Hotel Plaza Cavana, any reservation constitutes acceptance of the following rules & regulations which are mandatory for all the guests :

• Please refrain from any act that could cause a fire or damage in your room or anywhere in the Hotel.

* Hotel Plaza Cavana is committed to be an ecological Company and provide guests and staff with a non-smoking environment. We remind our guests that smoking is not allowed within the facilities (except Terrace / Solarium and breakfast terrace). A 200 € will be charged to those who do not respect this rule, to cover the high cost of restoring the rooms to their smoke-free status .

• The hotel enforces QUIET HOURS for the comfort of our guests; these hours are between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Guests staying in this Hotel are asked to make sure their conduct should not disturb other guests. In the case that an / some individuals would disturb the quiet hours, the hotel Management is entitled to immediately terminate the guest’s stay in the hotel. Termination based on this ground doesn’t constitute any refund entitlements.

• It is not allowed to leave children in the room unattended. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children in all areas of the hotel.

• Take food / drinks away from the Restaurant / Bar is not allowed.

• The pool area is for use by residents only. Pool area to be used in a considerate manner and surrounding guests and neighbors are to be considered at all times.
• It is not allowed to bring your own food / drinks to the Bar / Pool Snack Bar.
You may not use glassware (cups, plates, ..) in the pool area
• Room / Pool Towels cannot be used outside the Hotel. In case of loss or damage of the towel, the customer shall pay the amount thereof
• We kindly request that our guests do not leave towels or personal belongings as a way to reserve sun beds within the pool area. If any, they will be removed for securing availability

• Garments Tend / Clothes not allowed in the railings of the balconies and hallways..
• Rooms must be vacated before 12:00 Noon, Hotel Management shall have the right to remove the belongings of the guests from the room.

The hotel accepts credit card payments from 30.00 €. American Express is NOT accepted