Balcón de Europa

Balcón de Europa

A balcony with views to Mediterranean Sea.

The Balcón de Europa is a viewpoint where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Europe, and see the main beaches of Nerja, the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Tejeda and Almijara.

In the past it was a fortress that served to monitor when pirates and corsairs approached, proof of this are the old cannons that protect it and that today can still be visited.

We can also see in the viewpoint the statue of King Alfonso XII (1857 – 1885), whose legend tells that, after his visit to Nerja, after the earthquake happened in 1884, and saw the breathtaking views, he said: “This is the balcony of Europe”.

Nowadays a meeting point for being right in the center of the town, a place visited by thousands of tourists and also frequented by locals in which in summer, you can enjoy street musicians, jugglers or artists such as portraitists and caricaturists, even of sellers of all kinds.

Certainly, it is a must in your stay in Nerja.



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