Plaza Fábrica de los cangrejos

Plaza Fábrica de los cangrejos

A beautiful square next to the sea and overlooking the Balcón de Europa

The Plaza de la Fábrica de los Cangrejos, (also known as simply Plaza de los Cangrejos), owes its name to the old sugar factory that was located there and that was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century.

Currently it is a large square full of green areas and with wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. If we continue the walk that borders the coast, we can see the beaches of La Torrecilla and El Salón and we will also see the famous Balcón de Europa in the background.

In the square there are numerous restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, etc, with outdoor tables where you can eat in a quiet environment and with good culinary variety.

Also in summer the square becomes an “outdoor cultural center” where you can enjoy street markets, concerts, outdoor movies, theaters and other cultural events.


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