Secure hotel protocol COVID-19

Our establishment applies the comprehensive system for accommodation before the COVID-19

Secure hotel protocol COVID-19


In the slightest doubt that a client or employee suffers symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 disease, this situation must be communicated to the establishment so that the specific protocol for it is applied.


  • You should be kept in home isolation until the health services assess your situation and determine the measures to follow.
  • Disinfection of the workplace and objects in its environment that could be shared with employees will be carried out
  • In case of confirming the positive, the establishment must inform the closest contacts of the risk of contact and that they must remain in active vigilance of symptoms (cough, fever, respiratory distress …)


  • Request isolation in the room until instructions are received from the health services.
  • Ensure that there is a medical assessment regarding the possible case of COVID-19
  • As long as there is no negative confirmation, the person will remain in home isolation and will apply the rules established by the Ministry of Health for home isolation:
  • Do not leave the room
  • Extreme hygiene standards.
  • Use of surgical masks in the presence of other people in the room.
  • If possible, close the room for at least a week
  • Communicate the situation to the guides in the case of an organized trip.
  • Provide medical attention (telephone or in person) in the room, in coordination with the guides, if applicable.
  • Communicate to all the hotel or tourist accommodation departments, especially those that may require access to the room (cleaning, maintenance and restoration / room services), the situation of isolation of the room so that the action protocols are applied.
  • In case of positive confirmation, the possibility of transferring the client to a hospital center or private home should be studied in the security conditions established by the health authorities for these transfer cases. If this is not possible, an action protocol will be established, in collaboration with the health authorities, according to the specific case.
  • Provide those means that the client may require in relation to the disease: body thermometer, medication …
  • In any case, we remember that the establishment does not have the power to retain a person against the will in the establishment or in their room. If the client (confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19) is no longer at the establishment.


  • It is not recommended that any employee access the affected rooms, either for cleaning or maintenance tasks. In any case, there must be a record of all people entering or leaving the room. The necessary means will be provided to clients (or caregivers) to carry out their own cleaning tasks. When accessing accommodation with infected or suspicious people, these people will be required to use masks.


In the event that the affected person lives with another person in the same accommodation unit (companion), this person will be declared “close contact” and the following rules will apply:

  • If the room does not have separate bedrooms and toilets, an alternative accommodation unit will be offered as far as possible to that caregiver, as close as possible to the first person.
  • As far as possible, the companion must remain self-isolated. If he / she leaves, he / she must use a mask.
  • The companion, in their language, will be provided with the rules for the home management of COVID-19 of the Ministry of Health.
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