Verano Azul park

Verano Azul park

A tribute to the legendary television series Verano Azul.

The inauguration of the Verano Azul park was in the year 2001 in homage to the famous TV series with the same name. The park is made up of different streets, each one with the name of one of the main characters of the series and we can also find a replica of the famous “La Dorada” boat of Chanquete.

Also in the car park area in the same park, the streets are called same that the chapters that make up the series, 19 episodes that were broadcast even an unfinished chapter that was never broadcast.

The park is populated by numerous trees and vegetation and has petanque courts, basketball basket, ping pong table, a soccer field with artificial turf and also a swings area for younger children.

Finally, mention that the Verano Azul park is open 24 hours a day and that admission is free.


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